when in doubt run in circles and (shout) Genie!! Genie!!

“A very special friends b’day party was on the cards and all I knew was to make it special, different and dreamy. I tried my best to come up with ideas but none that were out of the box. At this juncture, enters Surprise Me Genie, the new party planner on the block!

Having her on my side was the best decision. It was like going to a salon where she is the creative director. All I had to do was sit back, relax and voila! comes the surprise day and it was not my friend but me who was surprised and jealous! From location, props, food, drinks, and gifts it was all taken care of. A treat for lazy me!

I can just say one thing with full confidence when in doubt run in circles and (shout) Genie!! Genie!! She is your one-stop counselor who is smart and genie-like…. a definitive ally for all creative cravings ;)”  – Vedant