I consider her a Rockstar

“I have known Richa for over 3 years and I consider her a Rockstar. She organized my Birthday party last year and it was an unforgettable experience. There were a lot of surprises and gifts. One of her biggest strength is to understand people’s preferences and interests, which she uses to throw one of the best surprises for her friends and clients. She knows best places in New York and New Jersey and she booked an amazing bar in Soho for my birthday; the music and drinks were simply amazing. She made sure to invite all of my friends, I was quite a surprise how she figured the invite list despite the fact she doesn’t know all of my friends. She is an architect by education and she is really good at decor and creating fancy items. As far as her personality in concerned she is easy going, extremely pleasant and has a sharp tongue, her sarcastic archaic comments creates an entertaining environment. Last but not the least she loves Soccer (Oh yeah that rarest of the rare female breed).”   – Saurabh