Custom Storyboard album


A picture is worth a thousand words and when you combine storytelling with pictures you can create something priceless. In today’s world where everyone has a camera in their hands and we all have 1000s of photos in our “digital” photo albums some of the memories get lost in this ocean of digital content. We have multiple apps that can generate memory timelines for us on the web and all the social media platforms but all of them are algorithms that pick up your photos from a place and time and put them together to take you down the memory lane of your friendship with a friend or a great trip you had with your family. What if we could combine this with the art of scrapbook to create the best personalized gifts that you can give to your loved ones. We at surprise me genie have been lucky to have worked on a few of these projects and you will be surprised to know how how much happiness one can get when they get such a personal gift from someone which not only takes them down a memory lane allowing them to relive the priceless memories but creates one priceless memory itself. Although, the digital medium might not be able to fully able to bring out the true nature of this personalized gift but still we have tried to capture it in the best possible way

This project shown here is a gift from a sister to her brother on his birthday which captures all the wonderful moments that they have shared in their life together